This website has been developed to assist you, the customer, in selecting and pricing your family memorial. Since 1963,it has been our privilege to serve the residents of the tri-state area and beyond. Our top priority has always been to provide quality memorials, lettering, and cemetery services at a reasonable price. This website shows only a small sample of the endless amount of memorial designs that are available. If you are interested in customizing a particular memorial, many options are available. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

Other Memorial Products --- In addition to the memorials described shown on these pages, we can also provide you with other types of memorials, such as: bronze plaques and granite benches. Bronze plaques can be attached to a monument, marker, or a boulder. These plaques can also be used to commemorate an individual, place, or event.

Services --- We also provide lettering on monuments in the cemetery, monument cleaning, and monument straightening & repair etc.

Advice --- The first step in selecting a family memorial is to visit the cemetery to see what size, shape, and color memorial would fit in with other memorials close by to your family lot. After measuring other memorials you can then come back to this website to price a memorial and get an idea of the designs that are available.
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